New Fact Sheet on NC Grains for Brewing and Distilling Available

— Written By Joanna Lelekacs
Barley grain head

Photo by Molly Hamilton

Molly Hamilton and Dr. Chris Reberg-Horton of the Department of Crop Science at North Carolina State University have recently developed a new fact sheet for:

a. Distillers/brewers/maltsters wishing to use NC-grown grain in their product, and
b. Farmers wishing to enter the local distilling/brewing/malting market.

The fact sheet provides information on the following for distillers/brewers/maltsters:

  1. Which grain crops grown in NC could be used in distilling or brewing alcohol?
  2. How are these grain crops grown?
  3. How is the grain crop harvested and what happens next?
  4. What does storing the grain entail and who can do that?
  5. Who can clean the grain to my specifications?
  6. What about pricing and contracts? How do I work this out?
  7. What happens if it turns out I cannot use the grain I asked a farmer to grow for me (because of low quality, protein, etc.)?

The fact sheet provides information on the following for farmers:

  1. What is the market?
  2. You mentioned niche crops like non-gmo, organic, and heirloom. How do these fit in the market? Also, what are quality expectations?
  3. What varieties do well for this market?
  4. How do I enter market?
  5. What do I need to do in terms of storage, cleaning, and delivery for this market?
  6. What about pricing and contracts?

Link to the fact sheet: