NC 10% Campaign: Local Food Map and Resources

— Written By Grace Baucom

NC 10% Campaign logo with basket of veggies.

The NC 10% Campaign is a statewide collaborative initiative of N.C. Cooperative Extension and the Center for Environmental Farming Systems that seeks to promote local food systems within North Carolina and encourage buyers to spend at least 10% of their food dollars here in our home state. The Campaign website is filled with information for the public and for Extension Professionals that makes promoting, accessing, and buying local food easy and fun. Check out engaging resources like “Collards in the Cafeteria,” “Farm to Dorm Cooking Videos,” and Ugly Fish Bingo to learn more about local foods in North Carolina. 

While all the sub-tabs under “Find Local Food” on the website menu are worth exploring (the region-sorted list of food box delivery services – CSAs! – is especially noteworthy), the statewide map of local food partners is a one-stop-shop for finding local food. If you’ve been trying to find produce suppliers, farmers markets, restaurants, etc. in your area: search no more! Explore the NC 10% Campaign map and connect with new local foods partners.

Using the map: 

The NC 10% Campaign provides an interactive map of local food businesses and organizations that have partnered with the NC 10% Campaign, either as a promotional partner that produces or promotes local foods or as a pledge partner that has a goal of sourcing at least 10% NC-grown or caught foods. These partners are located by address on a statewide map; are included in an easy-to-scroll list format; and can be searched by county, partner category, and zip code + radius. Each entry is hyperlinked to the respective partner’s website or social media accounts.

Search NC 10% Campaign Partners:

  • By Statewide Map
  • By Region
  • By County
  • By Zip Code
  • By Business Type
    • Eating Out (restaurants, cafes, caterers etc.)
    • Bring it Home/to your Business (grocers, co-ops, farmers markets, produce and seafood suppliers, food delivery, and more), 
    • Farm Partners (farms)
    • Community Partners (local organizations promoting local food systems, schools, universities, institutions) 
    • Statewide Partners (statewide organizations promoting local food systems)

Screenshot of NC 10% Campaign local food map and search parameters; links to map.

Don’t see a local food business that should be on the map? Visit and learn about how to become an NC 10% Campaign Partner (i.e., getting farms, businesses, or organizations listed on that map!). 

The map is frequently updated with new information. It’s an easy-to-use and easy-to-share resource to continue supporting NC’s essential agriculture and food workers and the NC local economy. For questions regarding the NC 10% Campaign, contact

Post reviewed by Robyn Stout, NC 10% Campaign State Program Coordinator.