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Forsyth County Cooperative Extension Office, Winston-Salem, NC 11 months ago
Description: ***Morning Session Open to Extension Agents and their Guests***
***Afternoon Session Open to Public***

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Morning Session: 8:30 – Noon “Sourcing and Scripting Grants: Finding and Getting the Money
for Local Food Projects” Extension Agents have indicated an interest in learning not only what grant resources may be available to fund local food and community development projects but also what it takes to write a great grant application. This session will cover both with interactive learning activities facilitated by Becky Bowen, Program Manager for NC State Extension’s CultivateNC program, a Community and Rural Development initiative, and Rebecca Dunning, Project Manager for the NC Growing Together initiative of the Center for Environmental Farming Systems. The morning session is sponsored by the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Local Food Program Team.

***The morning session is limited to Extension agents. However, we encourage agents to bring
one community partner to the session to learn together***

Local Foods Lunch: Noon
***Everyone is invited to enjoy a delicious locally catered lunch***

Afternoon Session: 1:00 – 4:30 pm “Collaborative Farming in NC: When It Make Sense to
Partner with Others” Extension Agents, their guests, and the public are invited to attend the afternoon session of this workshop, which is sponsored by the NC Growing Together Project through a grant from USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture. Joining Becky Bowen and Rebecca Dunning for the facilitation of this session will be Thomas Beckett and Teia Evans, of Carolina Common Enterprise, a cooperative development center for the Carolinas. The session will examine the findings of a recent study of collaborative farming in North Carolina by Bowen and Dunning, summarize the various legal structures available for collaborative farming operations, and make specific recommendations on steps to follow when considering a collaborative farming structure.

***The afternoon session is open to Extension agents, their guests, and the public***
Feb 12 2018

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