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— Written By MeatSuite

NC Choices is proud to introduce MeatSuite to North Carolina consumers.

MeatSuite is a website where you can find local farms selling pasture-raised meat in bulk quantities such as bundles, quarters, and halves, all directly from the farm to you. You can search by location, species, and farm practices. All farm profiles contain contact information and pricing. Consumers communicate directly with farmers for sales and pickup/delivery details.

Farms across the state have created profiles on the site to list their bulk meat products, particularly “bulk bundles.” A bundle is a package of assorted meat cuts. Bundles come in a variety of sizes to best suit your budget and needs. New farms are added daily, so check back if you don’t find a farm near you on the first try. If you know a farmer who might like to join the site, please share MeatSuite with them as well! 

First time buying in bulk? No worries, your farmer will help you navigate your order. All meat comes to you already cut and packaged, in familiar cuts and sizes.

Why Buy Meat in Bulk?

You Save Money. By buying in bulk, you receive a lower price per pound for significant savings over meat sold by the piece. 

You Support Local Farms. When you buy local, you meet your grower and get right to the source. Buying whole, half, or quarter animals is efficient and profitable for the farm and your purchase supports the local economy. 

You Taste the Difference. Locally-raised meats are delicious and flavorful; and you’ll have the chance to try new cuts and recipes. 

Bulk Buying Resources

Check out the below NC Choices videos and visit MeatSuite to get started! Find your Farmer, fill your freezer video.

Meat Tips: Buying Meat in Bulk

Meat Tips: Freezer Storage for Bulk Buying

More info for interested farmers:

Visit: Meat Suite & Price & Yield Calculator

Contact: Lee Menius, NC Choices Technical Program Coordinator,