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Radishes, turnips, onions and more vegetables

Variety of fresh vegetables


Report: North Carolinians should eat more fruits and vegetables

Dunn, C. and Creamer, C. 2013. Summary of the CDC’s 2013 State Indicator Report on Fruits and Vegetables and projects across the state that are working to increase North Carolinian’s intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.


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Local Food and Health

  • Eat Local. Eat Healthy. (links to print version)
    Eat Local, Eat Healthy Brochure page 1 Tri-fold brochure developed by North Carolina Cooperative Extension.

    • Instructions for use:
      • Please print professionally. The brochure design does not print well on home/office printers.
      • To get a price quote, give your printer these Print Specifications:
        • Eat Local. Eat Healthy. brochure page 211 x 8.5 full bleed (this is the size of the paper, bleed means color comes all the way to the edge)
        • Trim, Score and Trifold to 3.66 x 8.5 (this means cut off the edges and fold it to finished size)
        • 4C over 4C (translates to – full color on both sides)
        • 80 l.b Matte or Dull Text (this is the type of paper — this is NOT uncoated, it is a coated paper with a matte finish as opposed to a glossy finish)

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Zandra Alford
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