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NC State Extension


Primary Contact:
Hannah Dankbar     
Extension Local Food Program Manager
North Carolina Cooperative Extension
NC State University

The objective of the Extension Local Food Program is to facilitate the production, marketing, and consumption of food grown, caught, and raised within North Carolina.

North Carolina Cooperative Extension and many organizations and stakeholders are working with our communities on development and expansion of local food systems across the state. This Local Food website has been developed by North Carolina Cooperative Extension to provide local food systems resources and timely information to all residents and businesses across the state. The goal of the website is to provide information and link to resources from Cooperative Extension as well as from other NC organizations and state partners working on local food programming. It is a dynamic site and is intended to include new resources as they are developed over time. 

If you have questions or comments, or if your organization has research-based North Carolina local food systems resources that you would like us to consider linking to from this website, please contact Hannah Dankbar at Also, please connect if you have potential news items about local foods of interest at a national, regional, or state level.