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Local Food System Supply Chain

A local food supply chain represents all  processes involved in the movement of local foods from the farm to the consumer, including marketing, markets, distribution, aggregation, processing, packaging, purchasing, preparation, resource recovery, and waste disposal. 

The Supply Chain Sector links below will direct you to resources, tools and programs on each of the specific topics.

Additionally, a new model of organizing, known as food value chains, is also gaining traction in the agribusiness sector. The USDA released a report on value chains in May 2014.

Supply Chain Sectors

Find resources on the various sectors of the supply chain by clicking on a topic below.

Food System Supply Chain Diagram

Food as a System

Local Food Production

Local Food Distribution & Aggregation 

Local Food Processing 

Marketing Local Food

Local Food Markets & Purchasing

Preparation & Consumption 

Resource & Waste Recovery