Application Open 2021 Rapid Response: Farm to Summer Funding – Closes April 19

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Farm to School Coalition and CEFS Farm to School Logos
Applications are open for 2021 Rapid Response: Farm to Summer Funding! 
Completed applications are due Monday, April 19 (one week only!).  
The F2SCNC and CEFS are offering farm to summer support funding of $1000 to $2000 (variable depending on numbers served) to School Local Education Authorities (LEAs) and Community Organization Sponsors operating North Carolina Summer Nutrition Programs to feed children in need. We will distribute up to 20 mini-grants for up to $40,000 total. To receive the funding, each applicant must meet the eligibility requirements, agree to the recipient responsibilities, and submit a short online application by April 19.

Because we believe Farm to School (F2S) contributes to both the wellbeing of our kids and to community food security, we seek to support our partners in meeting urgent needs and building farm-to-school capacity. For more information about farm to school, see F2SCNC and look at the DPI Farm to Summer Tool Kit.