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Elma C. Lomax Incubator Farm Virtual Field Trip

This virtual field trip utilizes 360 video technology to provide an interactive walk through of Elma C. Lomax Incubator Farm site, located in Cabarrus County, NC.

We recommend that you first watch the 2D videos on the Tour Entrance (the front page of the experience) by clicking on the four video images one at a time. These videos will provide you with:

  • an overview of the history of the farm and how it arose from a community and systems conversation;
  • information on what an incubator farm is;
  • and introductions to two of the farmers on site.

Note: To exit 2D videos any time during the experience, click on the gray area outside of the video.

Then, enter the virtual field trip by clicking on the red dot on the aerial map. This will lead you into a series of stops on a site tour where you can click and drag your mouse to see a 360-degree view of each tour stop. Each tour stop also includes one or two 2D videos explaining that tour stop or other aspects of the farm. Click on the camera and/or drone icon to view these 2D videos.

Again, to exit 2D videos any time during the experience, click on the grey area outside of the video.

You can advance through the tour stops by clicking either on the large red arrow, typically located near the center of the screen, or the arrow on the right side of your screen labeled “Next” if you hover your mouse over it.

After you have visited each stop on the tour, you will be returned to the Tour Entrance main page and will have the opportunity to revisit any site via links on the farm map.

Lomax Virtual Tour Entry Screen

Take the Lomax Virtual Tour

Camera/Editing: Simone Keith and Joanna Massey Lelekacs
360 Video Camera/Editing: Elias Clarke Campbell
Additional Video Footage: Mike Gray
Interviewees: Aaron Newton, Ben Street, Cody Hammel