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NC State Extension

Community Food Assessment

This page links to resources that support development of community food assessments. Examples of existing North Carolina assessments are also included.

  • Community Food Security Assessment Toolkit
    Resource developed through USDA Economic Research Service providing a toolkit of standardized measurement tools for assessing various aspects of community food security. 2002.
  • Community-based food system assessment and planning(Facilitator’s Guidebook)
    Publication serves as a guidebook for facilitators assessing and planning community-based food systems. It provides a process for gathering stakeholders using the “Community Capitals Framework” (Flora, Flora, and Fey 2003) and assessing community food systems. 2011 Virginia Cooperative Extension Publication 3108-9029.

Example North Carolina Food Assessments

If your North Carolina community has completed a food system assessment that you would like to share here, please email the title of the assessment and a link to .