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Agritourism and Farm Visits

Agritourism is a form of consumer engagement used more and more by farms growing for local markets.

Supportive organizations and specialists

  • North Carolina Agritourism Networking Association (ANA) – “The ANA will serve as a statewide proactive advocate for agritourism farmers and as a liaison between and among state-level organizations, field organizations, nonprofits and rural landowners to support and facilitate agritourism.”
  • Agritourism Office, NC Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Markets Division —- Annie Baggett, Agritourism Marketing Specialist. (919) 707-3120
    • Register your farm’s agritourism activities with NCDA&CS. They will help match your farm to potential visitors and tourism decision makers statewide. Register here.
  • Agritourism and Societal Well-being Lab, NC State University. Dr. Carla Barbieri.
  • People 1st Tourism Lab, NC State University. Dr. Duarte Morais.

Extension Publications

Other Resources

  • Agritourism Farms – NC Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services database of North Carolina farms self-identified as participating in agritourism activities.

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