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Niche Meat Processing

  • NC Choices
    NC Choices is a program of Center for Environmental Farming Systems that advances local meat supply chains by providing networking opportunities, educational programming and technical assistance for producers, meat processors, buyers, and food professionals. 

    • Publications
    • Tools, Resources, Videos
    • Research/Service Agencies
    • Conferences:
      • The Carolina Meat Conference – Hands-on meat cutting instruction, panel and round-table discussions, presentations and ample networking opportunities for producers, buyers, processors and other meat professionals
      • Women Working in the Meat Business Conference– NC Choices’ Women Working in the Meat Business brings together women farmers, processors, and professionals from across the country who raise, butcher, prepare, and/or market pasture raised meat. In a focused, hands-on setting, women convene in North Carolina for over two days of training, from on-farm management to butchery, by the nation’s top professionals.
      • NC Choices News Listserv: The NC Choices News listserv serves as a forum for educational and marketing opportunities as they pertain to local and niche meats.Contact to be added.
      • NC Choices Classifieds Listserv: The NC Choices’ Classifieds listserv serves as a forum for meat and livestock commerce. Private individuals and commercial interests may use this service. Contact to be added.
  • North Carolina Meat Slaughter and Processing Facilities
    Directory of establishments inspected by NCDA&CS Meat and Poultry Division that slaughter and/or process meat for farmers (2010)
  • National Niche Meat Processors Assistance Network (NMPAN) National organization offering “tools and information for small processors, niche meat producers, marketers, and buyers across the United States.
    • NMPAN listserv: You can use the NMPAN listserv to ask and answer questions and share information about meat and poultry processing. The listserv has 1,000+ members across the nation including small-scale processors, farmers, ranchers, Cooperative Extension personnel, federal and state employees, and others.
    • NMPAN Peer to Peer Consulting: Whether you have a complicated problem or are planning to make a significant change to your processing business, you might benefit from a “thinking partner” – an experienced processor who has been there and can share insights and suggestions.

Primary Contact:
Sarah Blacklin
Project Manager
NC Choices
Center for Environmental Farming Systems
NC State University