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Urban Agriculture – Policy

This page links to information and resources related to policy opportunities and challenges encountered with the growth and expansion of urban agriculture.

Policies and Urban Agriculture – General

  • Searchable database of Urban agriculture resources, articles and ordinances
    Includes opportunities to search and share urban agriculture resources, articles and ordinances in the U.S. and Canada. Developed by University of Missouri Extension.
  • Seeding the City: Land Use Policies to Promote Urban Agriculture
    This toolkit, developed by ChangeLab Solutions, provides a framework and model language for land use policies that local policymakers can tailor to promote and sustain urban agriculture in their communities. 2012.
  • Urban Agriculture: Growing Healthy, Sustainable Places
    American Planning Association report that “provides authoritative guidance for dealing with the opportunities and challenges faced by cities and counties of varying sizes, economies, and locations in supporting and expanding urban agriculture.” The report also “illustrates the range of local government efforts, policies and programs both emerging and in place, and reveals the differences among local governments in their approaches as they respond to the needs of the urban agriculture community.”
  • Urban Agriculture – Best Practices and Possibilities 
    This report, developed by University of Missouri Extension, provides an overview of urban agriculture and local food system resources and practices across the United States and parts of Canada
  • Urban Agriculture: A Sixteen City Survey of Urban Agriculture Practices Across the Country
    Report surveying zoning ordinances of 17 cities that have incorporated urban agriculture into their land use plans. Cities surveyed were chosen for either 1) long-standing urban agriculture practices or 2) recent efforts to revise zoning ordinances. Goldstein, et al. Written and compiled by Turner Environmental Law Clinic, 2011.
  • Urban Agriculture & Sustainable Communities: A resource guide for local leaders
    Resource guide intended to “help local, state, and regional practitioners do their jobs better by exploring key challenges and elevating effective models and “promising practices” emerging in communities across the country.”

Policies and Farmers’ Markets

Policy and Community Gardens

  • Resources gathered for North Carolina community gardeners
  • Model Programs and Policies

Examples from North Carolina